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February 2008

Dave's the name (Skipps on the forum), the van is a 67 Devon Torvette RHD walk through. I brought it in Feb 04 and became its 7th owner.

It was in quite a sad and tired looking state, unfortunately I've no photos of van before I got to start the work as I lost them when computer crashed. I thought it would only take a few months. Well, I started with all the body work repairs which were not to bad for a British van, and the paint job (leguan green vw LH6E over pearl white) was done by my younger brother. The interior was all copied from the original Torvette design as all woodwork was in a terrible state and all the veneer had peeled off or was missing. I had made a couple of changes; I had a unit made to house the cooker that sits behind the passengers seat, and what use to house the sink and the easy cool I changed to a storage cupboard (all done by my other brothers friend who was a set designer). All the seat cushions and curtains were made by Jane (the wife). The pop top was all replaced apart from the struts.

The van was running on a 1300 cc now changed to a 1641, drop spindles with 14" rims. Also on my "would like the van to have" list was: safari windows, all handles to be renewed , deluxe trim, c/e roof rack and us spec bumpers and also a r/r3/4 bed as the og bed was like a jigsaw to put together. I'm just about to fit mains electrics ,and a head unit. The one thing that lets the van down is that I never got the engine bay done but that will happen next month as the clutch went on me, and the petrol tank keeps throwing the fuel back out when tanks nearly full. So while they are both out my brother's going in.