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Van of the Month November 2008
SSVC Van of The Year 2008


One of the founding objectives of the club was to help us maintain and restore our beloved Splittys. An essential requirement to help with this is ensuring the availability of spare parts. In recent years, as Splitty ownership has increased, a healthy market in spares has developed and prices on most items are competitive.

Given that situation the focus of club spares is changing to provide supplies of the more specialised or hard to source items. For example we have commissioned the production of brand new steering worms and pegs which were no longer available.

Whilst they are expensive, the take up has been good. We also secured a supply of brake shoes when the market dried up and we have a stock of king and link pins for the steering. Spares are available in the club marquee at most large events and we hope to have the online spares available in the future, so please keep checking the website for this new service. Contact details for club spares are shown in the club magazine "Split Screen Scene".