Rusty, our 1962 11 window bus, resto now in year two……er, three...

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Re: Rusty, our 1962 11 window bus, resto now in year two……er, three...

Post by rusty1962 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:46 pm



I thought I'd post up my latest modification....

I'm still tinkering with jet sizes on my Dell's and need to get Rusty on s rolling road....

But...whilst I was in there I noticed some play in one side of the hex bar linkage which meant that the carbs were not coming open together. It wasn't a lot and the linkage was on the donor engine that I bought......

The easy way would have been to buy a new hex bar......

It seems that they wear in the plain bore where the insert parts which attach to the air filter housing constantly turn ....... so it would just do the same again right? But probably not for quite some time....

However, it would be better if it all ran in bearings.....

Dad and I set to work.....

We used 22mm x 8 x 7 bearings and I found that they fitted perfectly in a Prestex brass stop end that I happened to have I'm my plumbing spares.

We drilled an 8mm hole in it for attaching to the filter housing, and fitted an 8mm button head stainless bolt.....

It was turned down on a lathe to make it look pretty.

Then I drilled down into the hex bar with a 7mm bit and then tapped it to 8mm. Both ends were then trimmed by 13mm and the a stainless bolt screwed in and threadlokked before removing the head of the long shouldered bolt.

This creates a shaft which fits into the bearing. A spring washer allows for some expansion.

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Re: Rusty, our 1962 11 window bus, resto now in year two……er, three...

Post by type21f » Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:19 pm

Good mod..

I had issues with my brand new hex bar connectors not closing the flaps due to drag.
Once upon a could buy external circumferential springs to close the flaps but no longer.. I had searched for supply but no more.

I worked all through from front to back and ended up changing the accelerator solid cable for a more flexible empi one, fitting a karl_f roller and fitting a bracket to each carb with an external spring. I had thought of making some and thought of you and how would you do it.
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Re: Rusty, our 1962 11 window bus, resto now in year two……er, three...

Post by markp » Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:32 am

NO update on ya France trip yet ? with coops

what the hells going on !!





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