vw panel van

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vw panel van

Post by corky09 »

selling my 1962 vw panel van lhd imported from Arizona and uk registered on 6,1,2011.
For sale at £16,250 . only covered 500 miles since all work was carried out.
Front suspension ,rebuilt front beam ,type 2 detectives supplied main spring ,adjusters ,shocks ,and drum brakes.
Rear suspension, type 2 detectives supplied full rear IRS with adjustable spring plates,shocks ,drum brakes,and hand brake cables.
Gear box, type 2 detectives supplied 1500 bug with high 4 .with complete gear linkage and shifter.
Engine, 1600cc single port standard engine and exhaust ,rebuilt carb ,high output alternator.
Brakes, two port system with all new lines.
Wheels and tyres,front steel with 185x60x14 firestone tyres rear steel with 185xR14c firestone tyres.
Body work, new floor ,cross members,top hats,outriggers,jacking points,inner and outer door seals ,rear wings,battery tray inner arches,front valance,bulkhead and rolled dash.
Paint work,red oxide primed and two pack black and grey rubbed back to rat look , undersealed wings and hammerite smooth chassis.
Wiring,complete new loom to 12v spec new headlights, rear lights,indicators,12v to 6v droppres for wipers and carb, rev counter and electric shut off
switch from cab with high output battery, cd player with 4 speakers in roof.
Interior,custom black and gray ,front bench seat with inertia seatbelts,rock and roll bed ,door panel carpet,black and white floor.
Points to look at,barn door barrel lock damaged no door rubbers ,smeare of oil on bottom of engine plate ,rear silencer will need replaceing.
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Re: vw panel van

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location please

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Re: vw panel van

Post by vwJim »

Might help your advert if you include the year of the van & upload more photos. Also details like the side windows.

Not sure what's going on with the headlights? There's no fluted glass to create the beam pattern
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