Panelvan Interior Options?

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Panelvan Interior Options?

Post by vwJim »

Looking at various panelvan interiors, it looks like most long panels are one piece up to near where the rear seat would be in a camper interior. Like this:
Side panels.jpg
I've found suppliers for 3mm "lightweight" ply but the sheet isn't large enough to do that size in one hit. So what type of ply and what thickness have you used?

Next door panels. If you have panels like these on the cargo doors:
Cargo doors.jpg

Do you get much condensation forming on the metal edges and then running / staining the wood?

Same with the rear hatch:
Rear corners.jpg
That's quite a large area of metal. What's the condensation like?

At the rear on an early bus without hinges to worry about, how does your headlining finish at the back? Seems that some just stop short. Do some follow the curve of the roof? If they don't and there's a gap , then surely that means warm air goes up over the headlining an condensation drips above the headlining?
Side & Roof panels.jpg

Those that fabric lined their panelvans, did you still use ply? Or hardwood? Or something else? Photos please for inspiration.

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Re: Panelvan Interior Options?

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