Front gear rod bushing

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Front gear rod bushing

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After 6 years without one I finally got round to replacing it. The replacement has been sitting in a bowl next to the front door for 6 years. My main sticking point was that I thought the selector guide thingy that holds the bush was spot welded to the floor (it wasn't) and in my head the hole in that where the rod passes through was rusted out and not present (it wasn't it was there) also the gears were fine and selection of each was precise. Anyway I'd recently been having trouble going from 3rd to 2nd sometimes so I figured it was time.

Coupling came apart with no effort. Once the nut was undone it just pulled apart. The whole job took about 45 minutes including cleaning all the crud off the rod. Reassembled, put it in 2nd and tightened the plate. I was expecting to have to fettle but it was spot on. Shake down run in the sun was a delight.
The rubber boot on the rod was knackered so I made one out of a CV joint boot I had kicking around.

If only all jobs were as easy!

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Re: Front gear rod bushing

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If only...
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