Rechromed parts

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Rechromed parts

Post by Rocket Ron » Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:17 am

I had a stash of parts done and this is what's left.
2 earlyish genuine cargo door handles, long spindle for kombi not shot for panel.
One came back really nice as the original handle was a good one, the second has very, very minor imperfections but it's still a great handle and I want to be honest and they are priced acordingly.
So, good one £85 and the other £55
I also have the escution for these, £25 each
Push button handles, bit of a mixed bag so if you want concourse then not for you but if you'd like to freshen up the look of your van then these are perfectly good enough, these are £35
All of the above are exchange for your old parts if not pitted to hell....

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