Unever front tyre wear - K&LP Beam.

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Unever front tyre wear - K&LP Beam.

Post by eliotc » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:09 am

Hi Guys.

About 15000km ago I replaced the early Bay beam that had been retrofitted onto my 59 split. I replaced it with a stock K&LP beam and I found some good OG stub axles (which I had "flipped" from someone on here). Fed up with never being able to get the thing to brake in a straight line on it's OG drums, I opted for a CSP disk kit. I haven't looked back since. I read all the instructions, searched the forums and made sure that I put in the right amount of shims to ensure correct steering camber.

At the same time I also fitted a set of Continental Eco 3s all round, so when I recently got the Bus up on the ramps (in the middle of Colombia I hasten to add - we're travelling through South America) I was a little disappointed to see that my reasonably new Contis were properly worn on the inside.

And to make matters worse there was a load of vertical play at both front wheels. There was a good few cms of play between the 12 and 6 o'clock position. I normally don't miss a trick with my Bus but I'd completely overlooked the front end, assuming that all was OK after switching to a stock K&LP beam. How could I have driven around like this for so long without figuring this out sooner :mad:

I'd previously done the tracking myself after going to a couple of places in England who couldn't get their equipment to fit over the rear hubs. I'd used string etc. and was satisfied that it was pretty much travelling in a straight line.

So, anyway, once it was up on the ramps I indicated to the Colombian mechanic in the workhop that we needed to adjust the K&LPs. We got to work, he did one side, I did the other and 10 mins later we'd eradicated the verticle play at the road wheels. I was happy and off I went.

So, here's my question. Since that moment in the workshop I have checked for play at the front end 3 times in about 6000km and every time I have had to tighten the K&LPs. Is this normal? how frequently should I be adjusting the K&LPs?

Uneven tyre wear. Is this down to me not keeping an eye on the K&LPs. Have I somehow managed to use the incorrect quantity of shims and am running with too much negative camber? Does running flipped spindles alter the steering geometry to the extent that is alters camber? I didn't believe this to be the case, that's why I oped to "flip".

I don't suspect it to be the tracking - even though it's been done with string, it seems pretty good and too much (or too little) toe-in wouldn't have such an effect on tyre wear as camber would, no?

Would be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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