Rear brake backing plates/bearings.

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Rear brake backing plates/bearings.

Post by leeco10 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:13 am

I have an issue with my rear brake and wheel bearing set up, this is on a Beetle IRS conversion.
I bought a complete rear IRS set up and fitted it with new Bearings, Backing Plates, Wheel Cylnders and Brake Shoes and new Drums, the issue I have is the Drums lock up on the backing plate when torqued up.
I noticed the outer bearing seal looks slightly proud of the spacer as well, about 1-2mm.

I think the problem is the backing plate is mibe thicker than the original as everything worked on the car it came off and all other parts are original, I did paint it with Por15 too but surely that's not enough to throw it all out of kilter?
Has anyone else had an issue like this.

I've made a temp fix if fitting a shim to it.

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