VW Aircooled Engine 1300 Beetle, Bus, Splitscreen, Bay Window NEW PARTS

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VW Aircooled Engine 1300 Beetle, Bus, Splitscreen, Bay Window NEW PARTS

Post by eliotc » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:58 pm

VW Type 1 F CODE AIRCOOLED Turnkey Single Port 1300cc 40hp Engine - £450 of NEW PARTS INCL.

I am reluctantly selling my spare turnkey SP engine which comes with many new parts, some of them not yet fitted and remain unopened for the next user. This has been my trusty back up engine which I partially rebuilt last summer with the following new items.
  • 55a Alternator
    SOLEX H30/31 Carb
    Bosch Coil
    BOSCH Plug and Lead Set
    New Pushrod Tubes and Seals
We have just fitted a brand new engine to our Bus as we are about to embark on a 9000km journey through South America in it before starting a new life in Uruguay (follow us on www.mundo-kombi.com or on Instagram @mundo-kombi_com). I would like to keep this as a spare, but it wouldn’t be economical to send it to Uruguay, so it’s up for sale. It is an honest engine and has been super reliable. End float has been set within limits and I have a video of it being checked with a dial gauge, plus a video of the engine running.

Since the rebuild last summer, we have done exactly 2020 miles in this engine and just before we removed it, the alternator tore out one of it’s mounting points on the fan shroud when the alternator strap broke, so I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade to a doghouse twin port fan shroud. I ordered the parts but never fitted them. Therefore, this engine comes with the following new parts, yet to be fitted. I have invoices for all of the new parts (BELOW), all supplied within the last month from Machine 7:
  • OG VW stock Doghouse Fan shroud (second hand, requires paint)
    OG VW stock cylinder tin (replacement for fitted tin on cylinders 3&4 which has a couple of holes. (Requires paint)
    OG VW stock Doghouse Oil Cooler Tin (Requires Paint)
    OG VW stock thermostart flaps (incl. Link bar, spring, spring clips, rod & thermostat rod)
    OG VW stock thermostat and bracket (bracket requires paint)
    NEW 009 Distributor (UNUSED)
    NEW Doghouse Twinport (wide) Fan (UNUSED)
    NEW Doghouse Twinport Oil Cooler (UNUSED)
    NEW Doghouse Twinport Oil Cooler Mounting Adapter (UNUSED)
    NEW Single Port to Twinport Oil Cooler mounting studs and seals (UNUSED)
    NEW Replacement inlet manifold studs
    Stock Exhaust system with heat risers, chrome tail pipes, J-tubes.
    Choice of rear tinware, for Bay, Bug or Splitty.
Most of these new parts are still in their boxes. Add up the prices of these from Heritage and they’ll cost you nearly £ 450, let alone the nearly new Alternator, Carb etc.

I'm asking 900GBP.

Collection from Cheltenham. I'll upload some pics just as soon as I figure out to do so. Or msg me with your mobile number and I'll send them through WhatsApp.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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