Split Screen needed for Hire South Wales Area

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Split Screen needed for Hire South Wales Area

Post by Jonowills » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:16 pm

Hi All, this may not be the usual type post on here but here goes.......
Sadly my Dad passed away last week and he was a huge VW fan. He and I both own T5 campers and enjoyed going to the festivals throughout the year and had some excellent times, but during every display or show and shine my dad would always be drawn to the split screens and pine over how’s much he would love to own one.
Since his passing I have discussed with the funeral director the possibility of hiring a split screen hearse to take my dad on his last ride, something he would’ve loved. However the only company we can find that covers the South Wales area is unable to fulfill the date.
I have spoken to the funeral director and he would be happy to use a private van if I could find one, so this may be a long shot but would anyone on here be willing to hire their splittly for a few hours to make a tough day that little bit more special? Obviously you would be paid for your time and the funeral director has said that he will see to everything as far as security etc. The van would need to be suitable to lie a coffin in the rear, either with an empty back or seating that folds flat. The funeral is at Coychurch crematorium in Bridgend South Wales on Friday 22nd Feb at 11:30 am. If someone would be able to help out could you either reply here or you could message my mobile for more info 07887945980. Thanks so much guys.

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