Porsche brakes, dropped spindles

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Porsche brakes, dropped spindles

Post by bug-er » Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:57 am

All parts can be shipped at cost or delivered to dubfreeze

1963 dropped spindles, fully refurbed a few years back and sat on my shelf since £420

Early 944 front calipers, disks and hubs, disks worn with large lip as removed from the donor car £320

VW split or bay bus Porsche disk brake conversion Kit consists of caliper adapter brackets, hub spacers, early hubs, and brand new ATE disks £340

Porsche Boxster caliper brake kit to suit bay or split.
Pair of bearing spacers, caliper mounting bracket (powder coated) and fasteners to fit early Porsche Boxster calipers to 944 hubs with 911 disks. £140

Also have pair of 924S rear aluminium trailing arms with handbrake mechanism, used disks £250

Set of 4 cookie cutter Porsche alloys 15" £200
Early steel 944 trailing arms £60 pair
Brake master cylinder 944 aluminium and reservoir £45
Rear drive shafts 944 £80
23.5mm torsion bars 944 £60
944 rear spring plates £60
5x130 steel spare wheel £100

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