LHD '58 Kombi with 15 Windows

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LHD '58 Kombi with 15 Windows

Post by PhilWeaver » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:04 am

**MASSIVE PRIVE DROP - £14500 - read on!**

OK so I'm a bit embarrassed to see what I was asking (I wasn't ready to part!) we now need a sale, I am only asking a bargain £14500 without the straight axle kit, split charging kit and leisure battery or propex heating. Finances and poor health force the sale so I am just looking to sell for a bargain price to some one who can put right and use..!

£14,500 for quick sale! 1958 Bus sadly must go :

Needs new gearbox / trans and spring plates and I've not got time or motivation to do it. **Full Straight axle kit available separately - drum to drum - to go in**

• His Name is Barney Bus - and must remain as such *non negotiable
•1958 Kombi (11 window bus) which someone has added rear 4 Windows and 15 window style tailgate to a long time ago to make into a 15 window bus.

• Left hand drive American import, we bought from the original importer in November 2010, he had him for about a year prior to that.

• 1600cc Twin port single carb engine that is reliable but does leak a little oil when running (not much)

• Original early split case trans replaced with 1500cc tunnel transmission fitted using a Wagonswest lollipop style adapter. (I imported this before VW Jim started selling them in the UK as a metal to metal mount just seems like a bad idea!)

• 'Flipped' front spindles by VWGillyBilly on VW split screen van club forum

• Dropped at the back by I think 1 inner spline, and then badly and unsafely notched spring plates was supposed to be a stopgap before I installed a new 'straight axle' gearbox and rear axle just to get us to Glampfest then G.OT.H. last year. (Don't judge 🥰) basically the reason it's not to be considered roadworthy is it's idiot owner! although it runs and I am able to deliver.

• Raising back to stock height is the easiest and cheapest option but last year heavily laden on a 150 mile return journey from North Wales the gearbox popped out of forth 5 or 6 times. It's also whined under acceleration since we got it and I have to say in all honesty I think this means the gearbox need to be replaced.

• I've collected everything needed for a Straight Axle conversion, including Code AB 1300cc gearbox, modified length axle tubes, early rear drum brakes machined to fit on late bug backing plates, the brake parts to complete, handbrake extension tubes, early rear bearing carriers and covers, all gaskets - and will offer for an additional £750 if the buyer wants (will be advertised for more if not wanted)

• Bodywork is ok not perfect, the front and rear pressed bumpers are fibreglass! Originals are very expensive.
Cargo bay doors let it down, the bottoms have been reskinned over the originals by the look of them and filled. They don't line up well as a result and to make them lock properly I've loosened the hinges. They have operated like this for years but are a bugbear. Some rust bubbling through, underside is solid - it was treated with POR15 prior to import but could do with retreating to keep the rot at bay.
I had the front leaves out of the beam last summer and they are all fine.
Rear tailgate hinge is sagging, causes rear tailgate to catch on aperture. Replacement included.
Front offside bumper mount missing, has had a bump at some point in its history as passenger cab floor is warped.

• Electrics could do with attention but I've been saying that for years. Front headlights could do with replacing as they won't adjust properly and parts of them are dull and corroded.
Rear lights are led custom lights wired to include a yellow
indicator light through the all red lens, the originals used the brake lights as indicators and were not noticed.

• Interior looks nice but has a couple of small tears, a mark on the rear mattress over the engine bay and the front has been modified to fit our bus and isn't perfect.
Bed may not be suitable for tall people! It's a half rock and roll bed that meets up with the other seat using the rear rests to make a Devon style bed rather than the rock and roll meet up with the cushion over the engine bay. This leaves the engine bay area as a separate bed for a couple of kids, and there is a hammock bed for the front as well.

•Running 14" steels with a spare, rear tyres are huge 205x70's to give decent gearing with the current setup and the wheels cannot be removed in current setup without disconnecting shock absorbers and jacking the spring plates down.
Fronts are 165x65's I think? Need replacing as ran with severe toe out for a while (again don't judge).

Selling is hard. I had planned to remove the engine and box, straight axle him with adjustable spring plates, blast the underside and treat with epoxy mastic 121 (full kit included bought 3 years ago) remove the fuel tank and treat it for corrosion, remove the front beam and replace it with a narrowed adjustable one, rewire it, raise the steering box, slam it and fit 15" Wheels. This would have him sorted but a lot less needed to make him a really useable bus.

Finances and health forces reluctant sale:

I need this to go to the right buyer in full knowledge of what needs doing so that hopefully when we see him again at G.O.T.H. or another show, I will want to go and chat to the new owner knowing I sold him on as honestly as possible and hopefully as a result he's bringing joy to the new owners.

With great regret our beloved 'Barney Bus' is up for sale.

It's an 11 window Kombi made into a 15 window at some point in its distant history.

Currently lowered on reduction boxes with notched spring plates which was done as a very temporary measure as the bus comes with a COMPLETE straight axle kit, AB code gearbox, drum to drum using early rear drums, all brake components and gaskets included.
Flipped Spindles, Buttys Bits accelerator linkage.
Later gearbox is mated to the bus via a wagonswest lollipop adapter I imported. Reliable 1600 twin port engine with no end float and electronic ignition.

It's solid with some rust bubbling here and there.
I have and will include complete epoxy mastic 121 kit to rustproof the underside which I've never got round to and as I'm now selling it does mean the buyer can see the underside clearly and honestly. We've been using it for the last 8 years but it does need that straight axle conversion as on our last trip back from Shell Island to Liverpool the gearbox started popping out of 4th occasionally and I had notched the sitting plates poorly (took too much out) in desperation when I realised I didn't have time to fit the straight axle kit before our last holiday.

12v leisure battery with split charge and distribution system,
Propex Heating, sleeps 2+2 with another little one potentially in the hammock.
Interior is unusual in that it has a rock and roll bed which then makes up part of a Devon style bed in the middle rather than meeting up with the over the engine bay area which is slightly higher and a separate bed for 2 kids.

Full length roof rack or the 3 bow rack included take your pick.
Bumpers are fibreglass, (sadly) and it's on 14's.

Offers around £23k price will go up if I find the time to fit the straight axle kit.
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Re: LHD '58 Kombi with 15 Windows

Post by philsparks » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:07 am

Can ask, what size tyres are you running? Thanks phil

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Re: LHD '58 Kombi with 15 Windows

Post by PhilWeaver » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:25 am

From memory 185 65 14 on the front and 205 70 14's on the rear. (Certain about the rear because I wanted the largest I could fit)

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Re: LHD '58 Kombi with 15 Windows

Post by 69campers » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:08 am


Is this bus for sale still, thanks in advance ?

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Re: LHD '58 Kombi with 15 Windows

Post by PhilWeaver » Tue May 14, 2019 11:10 am

Apologies I have been offline! didn't mean to ignore you. It is now! - Massive price cut.

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