Porsche brakes, front, rear and master cylinders

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Porsche brakes, front, rear and master cylinders

Post by bug-er » Wed May 16, 2018 11:52 am

Porsche 944 brakes, brand new disks, bearing adapters, hubs but NO calipers £330

Early 944 front brake hubs, used disks and calipers £280

Also have pair of 924S rear aluminium trailing arms with handbrake mechanism, used disks £250

Porsche 944 rear disk brake setup, aluminium caliper mounts, calipers, hubs, disks, handbrake mechanism £300 without arms £350 with arms.

Set of 4 cookie cutter Porsche alloys 15x7 £200

Early steel 944 trailing arms £60 pair

Brake master cylinder 944 aluminium and reservoir £40
Rear drive shafts 944 £70
23.5mm torsion bars 944 £40
944 rear springplates some corrosion £60
944 Stub axles £50
5x130 steel spare wheel £100 (2 available)

All located in the West Midlands
Shipping no problem

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