Sliding door search

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Sliding door search

Post by Solomanga »


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I've just got my hands on a LHD 67 Kombi with a sliding cargo door.

I'm looking for repair panels etc but can't find anything for the door.

The M code (169) refers to a sliding door but nowhere caters for parts.

Was the sliding door borrowed from the forthcoming Bay?


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Re: Sliding door search

Post by vwed »

It was available as an option for a number of years prior to the introduction of the Bay window.
I have a NOS central lock mechanism available (different from the Bay mechanisms) should you require one.
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Re: Sliding door search

Post by tufty65 »

You will be lucky to find any spares at all for sliding door split screens, they are rarer than sambas.
There was someone on eBay selling a nos door hinge but it was £500 just for the hinge!
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Re: Sliding door search

Post by DOUGAL »

There is a sliding door with windows cut out (panel van) for sale in Holland.
I think the bottom is a bit rusty but still looks in ok condition.
Interested in 1/4 light/sliding window locks? Please PM me.
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Re: Sliding door search

Post by BlastingDiePast »

You can get panels for the sliding door (skin and sill sections) from Ahschofields, I had a 66 slider.

As said the mechanism is a split only part
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