Digital or GPS speedo?

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Re: Digital or GPS speedo?

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Vwstu wrote:I'm after a speedo solution, my vans original goes up to 80mph im presuming it works but is probably not very accurate anyway. At the moment doesn't even have a cable fitted. I have been looking for another type to fit, ideally in the original speedo pod in my bus. I know smiths do a 120mph digital one that seem to get good feedback but has anyone got a GPS speedo fitted and what sort? Can't seem to find one that will fit straight in without modification. There's loads of different types and sizes on the net but just wondered if anyone had any experience with this.
Not accurate :lol: checked mine against gps at serval speeds its only ever 2-3mph out, which is the sam accuacry as my modern golf. If you want it like a NOS speedo send it to Thorsten Schneider, ... 363446553/. Why assume because something is old its not accurate, modern stuff is not allway best!
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Re: Digital or GPS speedo?

Post by vwJim »

Thanks Nige.
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Re: Digital or GPS speedo?

Post by susta »

Just make sure you get it calibrated to wheel diameter and tyre size
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Re: Digital or GPS speedo?

Post by Vwstu »

What size guage is it? All the Guages I've seen seem to be 85mm
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Re: Digital or GPS speedo?

Post by flatbeat »

Check Speedhut in the States. Huge selection......
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Re: Digital or GPS speedo?

Post by W-W »

Not to put the cat amongst the pigeons but have you had an MOT if it's the only speedo, which obviously it is.

From what I've read it would not pass.
I've an MOT tomorrow, not sure they will notice my broken speedo but I was going to argue that I use a GPS, but from what I've found that doesn't cut the mustard.

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