Bank Holiday Weekend

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Post by Ollie »

Warren Organ wrote:Ollie, I may see you down the gower then. I'm going to Llangennith :D
Cool... unfortunately I now won't be in my bus :( as the gearbox I fitted last week is leaking oil and wining.

I'll keep an eye out for your bus. We ususally hang down at the Worms Head end as its quieter!


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Post by flatbeat »

Doing a U-turn on RTTS, weather looks real crap, starts bad and gets worse :( So, day out for the dogs on Saturday in the local Forest of Dean.
Packed a few belongings and headed out to Pirates Cove. In my buddy’s old grey Kombi we rolled until the gas got low.....

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Post by robmccreedie »

was doing plymfest but instead, creating a new interior, and maybe spraying some bits 8)

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Post by 67Split »

Biggar for me too :D
hope the rain stops though :cry:
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Post by splitnpolish »

Just washing my bus and awaiting my caravan to be dropped orf.
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Sod it!! This'll do.

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Post by katastrophenschutzwagen »

moving house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a new life by the sea! 8)

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Post by 13bussing »

nick wrote:st ives for two week's. me and the boy will be in the pond every day :D
hope the surf picks up its been crap for weeks now :( but the beach is looking sweet :D

where you staying?

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Post by CockneyPlayboy »

acmecustom wrote:Gotta be RTTS for me... although its nothing like it used to be... and possibly the new Plymouth show on the Saturday... Fingers crossed the weather will stay on our side... Its real nice down here today anyway!!!
Me too... heading off first thing in the morning. Will be great to check out the van I voted for! lol 8)

rikki james
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Re: Bank Holiday Weekend

Post by rikki james »

Ollie wrote:Not long to go now!

Whats everyone up to? Shows, camping, spannering on old metal?

I'm off to the Gower surfing for the weekend :)


By the looks of it getting wet! :evil:

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Post by friedgreedo »

Sod the rain :wink:

Jeez, if no one did anything in Britain because of a bit of rain we'd never do anything!!

Off down to Devon tomorrow for the week. Can't wait!! :D

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Post by Russ T »

dressing up funky pimp stylee and getting drunk for my g's 1978 birthday bash.....

over the last month I have sorted the engine in the rain. just use the deck lid as an umberella ! :lol: never let the rain get you down

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Post by Chewie Baker »

katastrophenschutzwagen wrote:moving house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a new life by the sea! 8)
All the best John to you and your fam.
Hope all goes well
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Post by pye1man »

flatbeat wrote:Doing a U-turn on RTTS, weather looks real crap, starts bad and gets worse :( So, day out for the dogs on Saturday in the local Forest of Dean.

I'll keep an eye out for you :D
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Post by A67 MAN »

would love to be in Abersoch with the northwest crew but I will be mainly sitting on the manx banks watching the TT practices, will take the Kids for a skeet down the Grandstand Saturday evening and a bit of camping up the Northern beaches Sunday...Skankers tonight :wink: :lol:
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Post by Split 63 »

doone valley I fink :D

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