Camping in Bristol.

Good places to camp, and chill out :)
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Camping in Bristol.

Post by jayvanman » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:55 pm

Hi Guys.

For many years I worked on my camper in an out building at colliters brook farm bnb, it's where I took my avatar pic.

The owner and his family are top notch hosts and they come up near the top, if not at the top of trip advisor for bnb's in Bristol.

And now you can see it on TV.

Tomorrow (11th July 2017)
Channel 5
The Hotel Inspector

If you ever think of coming to Bristol.
If it's for a weekend away, to fly from the airport or for the balloon festival its a good place to camp or leave your car (re airport).

Especially the balloon festival.
Each I was there when the red arrows do their display and some point one of the planes uses Colliter Brook Farm as a point of reference and fly's past the house.
One year low enough to see the pilot !

I just got this message from the owner.

Hi everyone, tune in to Channel 5 on tomorrow evening (11th) at 9pm and watch Colliters Brook Farm appearing on The Hotel Inspector. We thought we had better mention it so you can all have a laugh at our expense! 😅

We hope you all enjoy it, as much as we enjoyed being apart of the filming process 😀

Rich, Abbie & the team from Colliters! X
he who sins grins

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