Kempes Bd Panelvan

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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by tombailey77 »

to be fair thats not the only time it has been in deep water even on just this page! with the impending glorious summer about to happen, it will soon dry out and be good to go! :cheers:
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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by barnjunkie »

tombailey77 wrote::( Image

Mark You will have to re name this bus
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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by LJay »

I take it you got caught in these horrible floods darn'sarf! 8O hope all is well,hows the bus?is it going to need another resto!?
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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by hellberg »


Kempes is still going strong in Sweden ;) not the same company tho..
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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by Bergepanzer »

tombailey77 wrote:
:( Image

OMG :-(((

Mark, that´s horrifying ... not trivial at all ... :-(((

Before drying ... Rinse, rinse, rinse thoroughly with lots and lots of fresh water! Not high pressure but continuously from the pipe. Anywhere you can reach. Those floods contain stuff you´d never think of. Fresh water is less rust-provoking than a never-drying-mud-trap inside outriggers and other cavities.

Mark, we keep our fingers crossed for you. Especially when it comes to the technical things like replacing oil, getting mud out of the bores and axle drives and getting your pride and joy back into running shape. And all your renewed wirings! They need to dry out as well ... hopefully the water won´t creep too far under the insulation.

If you need mental support, just post it, and we´ll all be there.

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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by Arievectra »

How is the van now days.
Please update..

Cheers Arie
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Re: Kempes Bd Panelvan

Post by Bleedingmoody »

Bus is now owned by Craig Petty
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