my split stolen and sold on ebay last week need info asap!!

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Re: my split stolen and sold on ebay last week need info asap!!

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Is there any update on this???

It doesn't work like that unfortunately. The buyer is only guilty if he knew or believed that the item "might" be stolen. Part of proving this would be buying something for £500 its obvious that its worth £5000. If the bus gets found then it will be returned to the lawful owner (insurance company if they have paid out) and the person who bought it loses their money including anything they've spent on it. Example is a mate from way back that had a motorbike nicked and when it was found the new "owner" has spent a fortune on it having it sprayed and all the chrome re-done. Basically my mate got back a restored bike courtesey of the scumbag that pinched it.

Don't even get me started on the (lack of) justice in this country....

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