curtain rails

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curtain rails

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Just got our van resprayed and now doing the interior. Went to standford hall and looked at lots of splits, I fell in love with the metal curtain rails that go above and below each individual window with the curtains on either side. So cute!! I want some to put my curtains on. They look so much better than a rail or rope. Please help!! What are they called, Where do I get them from!!! Looked in C&C and Schofields and just dont know what they are called so I can buy some, or where to find them.

Please help me find some for my 11 window split.

Thanks C

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Re: curtain rails

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Errrm ...............this is the 'stolen' section :roll:

Put up a wanted thread in the brand new and shiny 'interiors and conversions' section and you may get an answer.
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