What coil?

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What coil?

Post by yakboy »

My pertronix flamethrower coil gave up the ghost and as a temporary measure a standard lucas style 12v coil was fitted but this has given up after 2 months...I run pertronix electronic ignition and the RAC man who sorted me out with a temporary coil suggested I needed a 1.8OHM coil and most standard coils are 22.8OHM will I be OK putting a standard bosch blue coil on and ifso what sort, is a beru coil worth the extra over a brazilian bosch blue?

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Re: What coil?

Post by split999 »

I recently had issues with a Lucas Hi energy coil. I have a 009 with electronic module and i fitted the Bosch Blue coil from Just Kampers.

Not missed a beat since. they are suitable for all 12v aircooled according to the website

This one>>> http://www.justkampers.com/search2?loca ... bosch+blue

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Re: What coil?

Post by mclarni »

I also had one of the Petronix flame thrower coils on my bus after buying an electronic ignition kit.

Only thing that has ever let me down. Chucked it in the bin after 2 months. Bosch blue coil for me. No difference in performance other than the fact it works. :wink:

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Re: What coil?

Post by dweeb »

Ive just fitted one of these, along with one of their electronic ignition modules, alot cheaper than a Bosch blue coil, also seemed to be various different qualities of blue coils about when I was looking.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-AccuSpar ... 27b75670c3

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