Rust proofing...

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Re: Rust proofing...

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Kitesurfer1683 wrote:I have been asking the same question recently and most folks recommended epoxy mastic 121 over POR15 so I will be HVLP spraying my chassis with this, comes in a few colours too.
I think I'll be having a go with this too as I was impressed with the independent test results after 3 years.

I also liked the fact it can be either left alone, or overprinted and can be brush, roller, or spray applied.

Potentially a one product solution (of painting anyway, I'll still be waxing the hidden recesses afterwards)

Nik :D
Tony Shep
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Re: Rust proofing...

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Not been on here for a while, too busy sorting out my partners bay!

Time to get back on my split now

I had new floors, front and rear fitted, along with new tubs and some other work earlier in the year. During the process I wire brushed as much surface rust as I could get too, the welder who did the worked commented on the condition of the chassis, said it was one of the best he'd seen.
Its been sat for a while, most of it coated in zinc primer. Still got to remove some surface rust from the rear of the bus, then need to finish it off with something.

Searched the many threads on here and the two most common solutions would appear to be POR 15 and epoxy mastic 121

POR 15 is best used on bare metal so not an option

Epoxy was what I was going to use, will it be OK over the zinc primer?

Will a top coat be needed over it?


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Re: Rust proofing...

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I don’t usually resurrect threads but for once I thought it may be helpful. I’m just changing my gearbox to an original small nut box (large nut possibly for sale once completed) so whilst I’m at it I thought I would just share a couple of quick pictures. If you look back through this thread you will see the work I did 9 years ago in stripping and painting my bus with por15. I have to admit we only use the bus for holidays and days out so not as a daily driver but so far I’m very pleased with how it has held up and thought I’d share these. Apologies as I haven’t cleaned under the wheel well otherwise it would look a lot better. I thought others who may be deciding what to do may find this helpful. Yes it took a lot of work at the time but I haven’t touched it in 9 years as it has kept going strong. Hence, in the long run I think the time to prep and preserve was well worth it. Anyway, enough rambling her are a couple of pictures.

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Re: Rust proofing...

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