Engine Rebuild

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Engine Rebuild

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Hi folks a few idiots guide questions if I can about engine rebuilds. I have a 1500cc engine which I am hoping to pull out and rebuild. My main concern is availability of parts etc so I'll be giving the SSVC parts people a call first. I have watched bugmevideo engine tear down and rebuild to see what I need to do and how to identify worn parts a little better but my main concern is if I need new pistons etc the impression I get is that I can upgrade to 1600cc without any problem is this correct or do I need additional tinware etc to compensate for any additional heat? Also if my 1500 case is damaged I presume I can't get a replacement so does this then mean a new/secondhand engine and if so would a 1600 dual port be best or are loads of mods required?

Clearly I am hoping it all looks fine but anyone who can give advice on the likely senarios I may face then your help will be very much appreciated.


Nic B-C
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You can upgrade to 1600 barrels and pistons and use same tin making a 1600 single port.

May be cheaper to buy a secondhand unit though, either going for a late twinport 1300 or 1600. Anywhere from £50-150.

Im just about to rebuild a 1500 unit I have as it had been helicoiled but had actually had a bit of a head meltdown in the past and then been badly done which wasnt found until the fanbelt snapped and spat out the plug.
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