strange brake issue

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strange brake issue

Post by presland123 »

so, been running dual circuit brakes with csp front disk brakes and rear drums for a few years now with no issues.

today, backed the bus out of the garage and all was fine. when i went to drive it back in somehow the brakes (think just the front) are locked on tight and the pedal is solid. I had to jack up the front and drive it in the garage with the front on the jack.

im going to check which wheels are locked on tomorrow, but pretty sure its just the front. Would this indicate the master cylinder has gone or could the rod adjustment have slipped somehow?

Any ideas appreciated
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Re: strange brake issue

Post by vwJim »

More likely the calipers have stuck due to lack of use, or the hoses are blocked.

If the brakes are free in the morning, its likely to be the hoses as the pressure has released overnight.
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