So42 fiberglass water tank repair?

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So42 fiberglass water tank repair?

Post by TEXAS_PETE »

I've got a small crack down the side of my water tank. I've never dealt with fiberglass before. I'd happily pay a specialist if I could find one.

Do I try open up the crack and get some resin in... Or do I take the top section off and re do the whole top part..?

Has anyone got any experience or advise?


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Re: So42 fiberglass water tank repair?

Post by frilly »

Hi Pete , tricky one really, do you know of any fibreglass flat roofing guys that may have some resin and matting materials that you could try?
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Re: So42 fiberglass water tank repair?

Post by philsparks »

It's difficult to see from the pictures.
Is the brown section just a lid bonded to the lower lip? Is it weight supporting?
How long and deep is the crack?

If is a small crack I would open it open with a dremmal and then fill with resin. Just make sure it's clean.
Are you near to a boat yard? As they are used to fibre glass repairs


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Re: So42 fiberglass water tank repair?

Post by BJ1 »

There are many YouTube vids on grp repair. Don't use polyester resin for this repair - use epoxy instead as it gives far better adhesion and is much better in contact with water.

You will need to grind back the existing grp to feather the edges of the crack then use some West System resin and filler to fix it. A West System mini pack should be enough to sort it. Buy on line from eBay suppliers such as ... Sw1r1efMjy

Follow the instructions on line and you can't go far wrong. I do stuff like this all the time on my boats!

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