1963 Single Cab (RHD)

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1963 Single Cab (RHD)

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Hi, I've started work on a full restoration of a 1963 RHD Single Cab (South African import) with treasure chest door on the left and need to find various panels and load bed structural elements, including among other things:

1. the pressing over the gearbox/transaxle between the tubs
2. the 2 front vertical support legs that are welded to the lower cab panel & No. 1 Top Hat that tie in to the 2 upper load bed structural box sections;
3. the 2 upper load bed structural box sections;
4. the Left, Right & Rear outer structural load bed rails with the captive nuts for the drop gate hinges;
5. etc.

I've contacted all the main suppliers (KF / C&C / etc.) and can get the majority of the general panels but need help with finding suppliers of items 1 to 4 above, so would appreciate any leads please ?

Failing that, does anyone have or know of a good body cut for item 1 ?

And if I can't find suppliers for items 2 to 4 I will have to fabricate them up.

Appreciate any leads or advice.

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Re: 1963 Single Cab (RHD)

Post by MrMargaretScratcher »

Did you ever solve your issues? I'm going to need to replace #1 if I do my floor properly. i think Schofield do the one for a bus, is it different on a pickup?

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