Barn doors opening... ...whilst driving!

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Barn doors opening... ...whilst driving!

Post by blair-uk » Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:53 pm

My '61 LHD Kombi has recently developed an 'interesting' fault....
...even when I firmly shut the doors and even lock them (from the outside as there is no internal lock catch), when I am driving they are gradually opening. This is bl**dy scary as I have the children in the back!!!! (secure in seat belts and kids seats).
The lock rod mechanism seems to edge out of the securing plate - probably due to vibration and our glorious pot-holed roads.
Any ideas or suggestions on how I can keep this from happening?
Thoughts and views (along with the usual sarcasm) most welcome.
Blair-uk :clown:

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Re: Barn doors opening... ...whilst driving!

Post by boardman411 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:35 pm

You mean Cargo doors right - have you checked from the inside that they're locking correctly.. Does the rod lock into place in floor and top.. I have to give the bottom of my door a nudge, so that it locks correctly..

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Re: Barn doors opening... ...whilst driving!

Post by philsparks » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:52 am

If you have the door open and operate the handle does the rod come down and up the full distance ? Is the rod worn where it engages the plate? Either that or the handle mechanism is worn or loose. Does the handle drop as your driving along?

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Re: Barn doors opening... ...whilst driving!

Post by ted698 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:38 pm

I've had similar - the doors don't open, but the handle slowly drops over a long journey, then the doors start to squeak like mad until it drives me crazy enough to stop and relatch the door fully. I can stop it by locking the side doors with the key, as this locks the handle (my van is later, a 67), and stops it dropping, I don't really like doing that though when I have the kids in the back...

I found it was exacerbated by tightness/pressure on the doors - I fitted new door seals and it suddenly made it much worse.... I think if the rods are tight fit against the slide latch plates top & bottom, as the van body twists and vibrates over bumps & corners, it slowly vibrates/pushes/works the lock rods out of place. If they are a looser fit they don't seem to work loose so much.
Try greasing the contact points on the body/lock rods so they slide rather than jerk/vibrate and try to take some tension off them if possible. My cargo doors used to be tight and I had to put my knee against the door to latch it, now I have bedded the seals in a bit and faffed around tweaking the door fit I don't need to do this anymore and its virtually cured the problem.

Cheers, TED

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Re: Barn doors opening... ...whilst driving!

Post by miles » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:19 pm

Years ago I was helping a mate move, and he had all his "Stuff" in the back of the van.

Loads of crappy CDs, and DVDs :) The cargo doors opened on the M25, and all the erm personal belongings almost went out the door.
Brings a whole name to fly-tipping :D
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