6v to 12v relays?

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6v to 12v relays?

Post by russbmx »

I’m looking for some electrical advice as I’m pretty clueless when it comes to electrical!

I have a 62 us bus (project)
The original loom was pulled out as soon as I picked it up and purchased a Vw loons loom which is now in the bus but only partially connected up.
I’m converting to 12v but I’m not sure which relays I need? I still have the original 6v relays which I will post photos of below. If anyone could point me in the right direction with a link or part number etc I would be extremely grateful! The new loom has wiring for uk spec rear lights, I’m not sure if that makes much difference but worth mentioning.

Also, my bus has 2 holes in the dash to the right of the clocks and the wiring diagram says it has a hazard switch but there was no switch when it arrived and most people Iv spoken to have said it shouldn’t have a hazard switch?

It’s all very confusing 8O

As always any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: 6v to 12v relays?

Post by vwJim »

You need 12v relays relative to your year etc.

Hazards came in on different years depending on where the bus was built for. Even if it wasn't OG, as you have the hole anyway, keep hazards, good to have in the future.
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Re: 6v to 12v relays?

Post by henk »

Think hazard switch was also mostly on US busses.

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