Tips for checking valve clearances

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Tips for checking valve clearances

Post by miles »

I'm looking for some handy tips for checking valve clearances.

Using the How to keep your vw alive for tips.

I have had to Jack the van up, and it took ages to get the right hand rocker off.

Precious little room in there.......

Also blue gunk used with gasket. Can I leave it there. The face of the rockers is clean.

Advice please.



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Re: Tips for checking valve clearances

Post by JonnyCJ »

Sealant is probably blue hylomar and handy to ensure a tight seal.

As best practice the way I did it was to get new gaskets and clean off all the old sealant and then use a thin bead of new sealant.

You only want to do the job once and having a slight leak or weep will annoy the bejesus out of you having gone to all the trouble !

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Re: Tips for checking valve clearances

Post by split999 »

Your gasket is broken anyway Miles so as Jonny says, clean it all off and repeat. Smear fresh oil on the face of the gasket when you reassemble. Bit like you would the rubber seal on an oil filter.

As for adjusting, just follow the guide. It's a very simple process and done with the engine stone cold.

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