US style number plates

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US style number plates

Post by modifiedbrian »

Having seen over the years, 100" s of buses running US plates, do these people get stopped by the police?

Do police turn a blind eye to buses or in certain areas?

How do you talk yourself out of trouble? Do people put correct plates on after or just leave their US plates on.

Although not a mechanical question, I feel a legal tech should be in here.

Just got US plates and would love to run them daily, rather than slip them on for shows only.

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Re: US style number plates

Post by ziggy »

I ran them, I got caught, I got away with it, but then changed them as I was a marked vehicle in my home town and knew I would be pulled a second time, doubt I would have been able to talk my way out a second time.

However others will tell you they run them with no issues, luck of the draw I guess

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Re: US style number plates

Post by e m p i »

If you mean running the original US plates that came with the bus when it was shipped over then you've got no chance, you will get stopped and done for displaying an incorrect registration number.
If you mean you have your new UK registration number and it's been put onto a plate in the style of a US plate then it's luck of the draw. It is illegal as the plate size, letter size and font have to be to the specified size. The police are a lot hotter on it than they were years ago as the ANPR machines and speed camera can't read dodgy fonts properly.
That said I ran a bug for 2 years with US style plates on it without any problems. Don't think I'd risk it now though as if they want to make life awkward they can get the reg number withdrawn and you get the pleasure of paying £80 to have a Q plate.

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Re: US style number plates

Post by pokey »

I was told that about bring put on a Q plate when I got stopped in my golf due to them being the wrong font and spacing

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