New Ownership and a few questions

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New Ownership and a few questions

Post by James13009 »

Hello I am new to VW Splitscreen ownership.

Hello all! :cheers:

Currently the van isn’t running which I am looking to sort. But I have lots of questions that I could do with answering.

I’ll start with the specification:
• 1776 engine
• Twin Carb Weber IDF44
• 009 Distributor (0231 178 009)?
• Coil – Flame Thrower –3 ohm
• 12v system

The engine isn’t starting currently, and with the ignition on and the engine not a TDC it reads 12v on both the coil terminals. I think the coil is faulty. No spark from the ignition coil when tested with a spark plug. Does this sound right?

On replacing the coil, I currently have the 3 ohm flame thrower coil. I wish to upgrade very soonish to the 123 ignition tune+ system (Recommendations on best place to buy would also be helpful). Given the change what would be the best coil to go for?

(I don’t actually understand the difference between selecting a 3ohm or 0.6ohm coil as they are advertised)

My fuel cap doesn’t have a seal inside, I am looking too buy one a 60mm cork one. Does this look right?

I have a 6 volt fuel gauge. I read if match my fuel gauge to the fuel sender I can get it too work.
I have a 12v system – but it isn’t clear what the fuel sender voltage is? Any idea’s of the best way forward?

5) I’m quite concerned about this brake line being the lowest part on the bus. (I want to change to CE rack) Any thoughts on this?
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Re: New Ownership and a few questions

Post by Who.Me? »

1/. Test the coil with a multimeter before writing it off. (Method 2 here... A lack of spark at the coil could also be points/condensor fault in the distributor (or electronic points if you have them). Testing the coil windings with a multimeter will identify if that is the culprit.

2/. Don't know

3/. Should be rubber? Part 11 in this list... Image

4/. You could fit a voltage dropper (cheap from ebay). That's what I did, but later I read that the gauge and sender will work perfectly well on 12V. The only bit you need to change is to fit a 12V bulb for the gauge lighting

5/. Don't know.
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Re: New Ownership and a few questions

Post by ferkh10 »

5. The master cylinder should be way off being the lowest point, otherwise one speed bump and you’ve lost your brakes. The beam should be sat quite a bit lower than your cylinder; assuming that black bar out of focus in your pic is the beam, it looks much lower already.

You should be able to access the cylinder fluid reservoir from the floor inside your cab. If you can’t, this probably indicates it’s not sitting correctly.
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Re: New Ownership and a few questions

Post by 8 8US »

1. Show us a picture of the current coil connections and where they go.

2. VWJim has the 123+ distributors, ... nents.html

3. Looks like there is one there?

4. 6v guage will work fine, it reads the resistance of the fuel sender not the voltage, as Who.Me says change the bulb to 12v, but no voltage dropper required.

5. As ferkh10 says beam is lower, that's how the pipe should come out the MC. Why are you changing to CE rack?

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