ATW radio flyer and canopy.

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ATW radio flyer and canopy.

Post by e m p i » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:17 am

Little Empi will probably lynch me when he finds out I’m selling this 😂
Genuine Radio Flyer ATW wagon for sale. Has off road wheels and the full wooden raised side bits so your nipper/beer cooler/VW parts haul doesn’t fall out plus the sun canopy. Also has the newer knuckle joint on the handle so your kids fingers don’t get sliced off when they start poking them in the axles and joints.
As far as I am aware you can’t actually get this model in the UK as the UK ones only have the wood slats half way round. The canopy has a joint in the poles damaged and it’s taped but it works just fine and you can’t see it once the canopy is in place. The canopy clamps on with big market clamps so can easily be removed and folded up. The wooden side slats can be removed as well and the handle folds underneath for transporting and storage. It’s got a few minor scuffs but has had very little use and has always lived indoors so all the paint etc isn’t faded.
I’ve had a look for something to compare it to and the nearest genuine radio flyer I could find available in the UK was the one with the half wood was £250 and the canopy was an extra £118. Obviously mine is better as the wood goes all the way round.
This is not to be confused with the el-cheapo snide knockoffs that are made out of old bean cans and shiplap fence panel wood with joints and axles that fall to bits after one seasons use - this is a Genuine American made Steel ATW Radio Flyer 👌
I’m looking for £250 for the lot collectd from RM11 postcode area literally 2 mins for j29 of M25 or I’m willing to courier it as long as you arrange and pay for it. I can dismantle it as far as possible ie take the wood apart and the handle off but if it’s couriered it will be AT YOUR RISK

The links are of a wagon and canopy exactly the same as mine. If anyone is seriously interested then I can get it out and take some pics of my actual one. Only reason I didn’t is because it’s behind 4 bikes and I’ve had man-flu and it’s snowing so don’t feel up to moving loads of stuff about right now. ... undle.html

Cheers, Lee.
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