NOS VW Action and VWNW T shirts

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NOS VW Action and VWNW T shirts

Post by pedalcarjoe » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:20 am

I have several NOS VW Action and VWNW T shirts, some still in their plastic bags that I will be taking to Tatton Park on Sunday.

The money from any of the VWNW T shirts will be going to Grizz's great cause. I will probably ask a £5 each for them but please feel free to pay a little extra for such a good cause

I haven't got time to take pics as I will be leaving for Tatton Park on Thursday, I may have time to list the years.

come and find me on Sunday, just look for the bike & sidecar

a quick check, they are all XL
VW Action 1992 Stoneleigh £10
Wolfsburg no date £5
Pomona 2003... nice £10

money from these VWNW shirts are going to Grizz's fund
VWNW , 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998 plus 2 more £5 each
VWNW 2006 , 21 year shirt, offers

if you want to save one please ring me on 07595320218 as I'm off to Tatton Thursday morning to start setting the field out for you guys :wink:

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