1969 T2 Deluxe Early Bay VW Bus/Camper - £23,950

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1969 T2 Deluxe Early Bay VW Bus/Camper - £23,950

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If you want the finished article this is the van/bus/camper for you.
It spent the first part of it’s life in good old/dry California and was registered in the UK in 2011 from when I have the service history. It lives in a garage just as it did for the previous owner. The van has a lot of original features from 1969 with some nice modifications to make it more comfortable.

- New engine, less than 30k on it. Runs at 65/70 nicely, you won’t be the one holding up the traffic on the A303. Starts first time every time
- Very clean and rust fee engine bay and battery trays
- Fire suppression in the engine bay
- American and UK licence plates, both are legal, comes with both
- Rock and roll bed full width so no cramped nights
- Red and white check curtains all the way round
- A windscreen cover for privacy at night
- Power steering which is a bit of god-send
- Bass bins and Bluetooth stereo
- Tax exempt
- MOT recently passed in September, also had a number of little jobs done
- GPS speedometer
- Twin carb
- Large wooden steering wheel
- Comes with a clip in hammock that sits across the front seat - we have used it and it's excellent
- Porsche alloy wheels
- Lowered and narrowed with drop spindle with a slight rake from back to front
- 2 spare tyres
- Under the bed/back seat lots of storage
- Under the buddy seat lot of storage
- 5 seat belts but you can seat 6 as the front passenger can fit two people
- 7th passenger can sit on the buddy seat. No seat belt but that’s not required for UK cars with the seat facing backwards
- Hard wired USB/phone charger in the glove box
- Cool black metal coffee cup holder which also doubles as handy place to put your phone
- Table that also comes out for sleeping/more space
- Extra wide rear view mirror
- Plug point for toasters/kettles/hair dryers/chargers etc
- Hook up to either camping mains or regular UK plug via cool adapter I bought (handy if the kids want to be in at night at home)
- I’ve taken the full width roof rack off so it fits in the garage, it’s included of course
There is no camping gear with this van as we are keen campers so are holding onto all that stuff.

The reason for sale is that the money is being spent elsewhere and next year I’ll probably buy another van.

I prefer this type of van and do all the cooking/washing up etc outside. Means you have more space and no food smells inside. If you want a mini kitchen you could easily take out the buddy seat and have one fitted.

I have a single pdf with all the service history and the original paper work. I also have it all listed in an Excel spreadsheet. Let me know if you want to see that stuff.

I have had an independent verified valuation done by Lancaster Insurance at £24k. You are welcome to see the certificate. This proves its value and also guarantees full return should it ever be written off. Best £18 you can spend.

Feel free to message me for a viewing. We live just off the A23 10 miles North of Brighton.

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Re: 1969 T2 Deluxe Early Bay VW Bus/Camper - £23,950

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