'66 Panel Van/Fire Engine £15,395. E.Sussex

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'66 Panel Van/Fire Engine £15,395. E.Sussex

Post by cliff1992 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:25 am

I’m selling my Split in order to fund a larger deposit for a home. I never thought I’d be able to own one, let alone even have to think of selling one.

A daily driver from the day I bought it, it's been fantastic, a real head turner.. people always asking for photographs etc.

It’s a 1966 former Fire Engine from Germany. It was retired from service in the early 90’s and has a large history file.

Engine / Box 9/10: The 1500SP engine is perfect, no end float and pulls like a Hornby train! The 1500 gearbox is also perfect and shifts well. I trust it whole heartedly.

Interior 7/10: Original uncut dash with original paint. It’s ply lined and carpeted. Front has a bench seat from a Jaguar which is extremely comfortable and the rear has a bench seat, with two further storage boxes/seats and two buddy seats.
Bodywork 7/10: As with all 50+ year old vehicles that have yet to be restored, it has some dents and defects. The paint is a DIY job with 2k paint and lacquer. It requires two lower rear quarters, part N/S rear arch, the roof has had a section replaced where there was a skylight and needs finishing. The gutters are perfect. It has a couple of blisters here and there.

Chassis 5.5/10: The chassis has had obvious repairs over the years. The work done isn’t to a good standard and still requires further attention.
It also has:
Beetle straight axle kit
CSP Front Discs
New front beam with replacement king and link pins.

Overall 7/10: It’s a German Split for Bay Window money! What more needs to be said?! Yes it needs attention to the chassis, but with a bit of work it could be fantastic. As mentioned above, I need the money out of it to fund a bigger deposit.

I have been as honest as possible and explained everything to my knowledge.

Viewing welcome. Test drives will be carried out by myself unless proof of insurance is shown.

I can also help with moving it around the UK with fantastic local guy I use.

Cash or bank transfer.

Location: East Sussex

Split 9.jpg
Split 5.jpg
Split 3.jpg
Split 2.jpg
Split 1.jpg

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