May 59 crewcab

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May 59 crewcab

Post by smithsvw » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:37 pm

Ok I really don't want to do this but needs must and al that! :(
I'm a commercial guy and having a 52 smoothgate and 59 seamed gate at the same time has been pretty much my dream.. But house extension forces a very very reluctant sale..
This is a super early crewcab that used stock singlecab cates that were chopped down and welded together in the factory!
Ok the bus as a whole is pretty complete! missing lights and motor but everything else that's with it is og! Interior is just fantastic, all original seats and door, roof cards.. seats are away being re padded at J&S.
Ok there is rust but she does come with a lot of repair panels.. Doors are good, comes with ww front arches and front bullet clip as its had an accident and I managed to find a real nice straight clean early clip!
Bed is really nice, floors have gone on the edges but come with gerson panels. Also gerson b and c pillars. When I got around to it I was going to put new sides and corners on.
Comes with new tilt and bows too
Will put new pics up tomorrow but this is what I have at the moment
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for sale and in the workshop:
1959 og swr seamed gate crewcab
1959 og mango Devon
1961 og paint singlecab
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