Potential New Ownership

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Potential New Ownership

Post by James13009 »

I am wanting to own my first splitscreen. I've test driven one and unsurprisingly the brakes and the steering do not provide confidence. Nor do the reports on constant breakdowns. However I understand owning one is a life style choice and I've converted campers and built my own kit cars in the past so not afraid to get my hand dirty. I would look forward to this.

However the breakdown aspect is holding me back. Sitting at the side of the road specifically. I planned to buy a solid bus and aim to spend £10,000 to make it more pleseant and reliable to drive (although I appreciate this a open to interpretation). Rack and Pinon steering, disc brake new master cylinder springs to mind.

I only intend to use it a few times a year after which it will be parked in a garage.

My question is it really possible to throw money at these busses to get the reliable. Is there a reasonable (aka I don't mean a subaru conversion) solution for the majority of the problems?
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Re: Potential New Ownership

Post by Dougie »

Constant breakdowns? Look after it properly and it will serve you very well. I've had mine on the road for 13 years and broken down twice, dead battery once, points gap closed the second time. The other I've had 6 years and never broken down.
I would highly recommend a servo and drums instead of discs but that's just personal opinion.
You don't have to throw money at it, regular maintenance is your best bet.
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Re: Potential New Ownership

Post by james309 »

As above, I've driven all over europe and never broken down once ! Maintenance and being considerate to an older vehicle goes a long way.

Personally i would also stick with drums & a servo - no need for more IMO.

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