Rechromed door handles

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Re: Rechromed door handles update

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Going to chromers next week, now please read......
A quote is just that, over the phone, my UNSEEN units are £66 inc, once seen that may go up,
WHY....pitted handles take longer to do....very little wear is easier to do.
SO....if you have pitted handles, expect to pay a big more.
I exchange, but if not worth doing, you will pay more as I'll bin them and loose my stock.
Those out there who expect something for very little, buy repro.
Sorry, but doing this has never been cheep, and never will be, but looked after, you will only do it once.
I've not bought a repro handle in my life, and I'm not rich, but this is the way I work, old school.
So, once I get a firm result, you will know.
PS, if the price stays the same, handles will be no more tha £100 each.
Rocket Ron
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