Westy jalousie window glass and seals (new)

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Westy jalousie window glass and seals (new)

Post by scholsie » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:15 pm

Per title,

A full set of glass for 5 westy jalousie windows:
5 smaller stationary pieces;
15 larger moving pieces;
I have a couple of extras for each size I will also chuck in as spares.

I had the glass made by Tyneside out of toughened automotive glass at quite a cost, all of the edges are ground smooth. The stationary pieces are etched with the Tyneside logo along with the glass manufacturing standard, the larger pieces are not etched.

£220 - I would prefer collection on these, they are very heavy and obviously delicate

A set of 5 Wolfsburg West window seal kits, per the photo lifted from the VW Heritage site. They are new and unopened.

£85 + postage

Cheers, James
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