Bespoke double seat with hidden surprise

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Bespoke double seat with hidden surprise

Post by 58splitty » Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:39 pm

Hi guys

Im thinking of selling a part of my interior. Its a double seat in cream vinyl


Hidden undeneath the hinged seat is a double hob with toaster, sink with a water pump and a draining board. The water drains into a bowl under the cooker at the base and the gas bottle sits in the bigger cupboard on the left. The top right cupboard flips down on hinges to reveal the cooker knobs. The seat then rests over the front bench seat which then acts as a shelf.

Bottom cupbard has minor corner damage (easily fixed)


Has pipe work for the gas and water, just needs a regulator and some sort of bottle for water supply. I had a slimline rectangle one that slid down the back out of the way.

This was made to fit the other side of the spare tyre, so if you have a different set up you may need to adjust the end panel a little.

Needs very little work if youre picky, if not its all ready to go. Great for a starter if you have nothing.

Looking for £200. Pick up only. Im in suffolk.

Pm me if interested.

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