booking tickets with ticketmaster

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booking tickets with ticketmaster

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Arghhhhhhhh. Finally managed to book some tickets this morning but what a complete sh!t system. Tried first on line using my phone with predictable results. Kept losing signal and the site timed out. gave that up as a bad job and managed to find a phone number. Call the number and its an automated system that costs a fortune to call from a mobile then starts asking random questions about sharing.g my info and press this to opt in or this to opt out all whilst charging me the equivalent to the national debt of Cyprus. Whilst I'm trying to say my details the poxy train station announcer decides to give the bloody train updated for every line over. HR loudspeaker so the automated system can't recognise what I'm saying then 3 trains come in one after another. Talk about portents being against me or what, usually you can't find out what trains are running and what ones are not and as for 3 arriving one after another forget it any other day!!
Finally managed to wedge myself into a doorway on the platform away from the speakers and get the tickets booked but f**k me, what a drama. It took twenty minutes in the end. Surely it would be easier just to have someone to pick up the bloody phone and let me speak to a human rather than a machine.
And breathe......
On a plus note WE'RE GOING TO SEE BLACK SABBATH Woohoo !!

Shalom, Lee.
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Re: booking tickets with ticketmaster

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