Big mouths on peoples for sale threads

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Re: Big mouths on peoples for sale threads

Post by MarkFer »

I can see both sides on this. If someone advertises something and there are obvious (to knowledgeable people) errors/misrepresentations then if I was a potential buyer I'd like to know. However I agree that a lot of replies on for sale ads are pointless and annoying.

I suppose if replies are blocked on for sale ads then the potential buyer can start a new thread asking peoples opinions about the item on the for sale thread. But then you might get multiple threads all about the same ad.....and buyers will still find those threads as well.....

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Re: Big mouths on peoples for sale threads

Post by Magic8Ball »

Some ads need comments on if you know what i mean, if only to help the sale along .................... :wink:

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Re: Big mouths on peoples for sale threads

Post by type21f »

Exactly....I love to read pointless botching. is just that. ..
If people post asking what things are or what things are worth...I reply..
If people post with inaccurate descriptions I point out the error
If I want clarity I post
If people obfuscate I slam. .
I do not Diss I seek information or attempt to buy..
I hate people who agree to sell to you and then take a higher offer...really pistes me off....
Especially when you have bought from them before given them stuff and have always been straight with them.. shysters..
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Re: Big mouths on peoples for sale threads

Post by Sooty »

TheSamba adverts you can't comment.

Some people say that commenting on an advert to point out a few aspects that seem wrong is helpful....

But if I was to buy a bus at say £17,000 and it was my first, I'd at least put a post up asking for people's thoughts of the vehicle. Do people still spend this type of money on things without getting someone in the know to go look at it or at least ask around?

I think all the adverts should be sellers first post only and then can only be edited by the seller.

It will stop sifting through 3 pages to see any details you may need to know.

Keep forum data down, pages will load up faster on my rubbish mobile!

And will stop Pointless bitching! Well.... On that subject anyway!


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Re: Big mouths on peoples for sale threads

Post by jasonabigj »

Ive stopped listing mine on here because of keyboard twitchers , fleabay is my way now at least it will hit what people want to pay ,

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