There I was driving along.....

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There I was driving along.....

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Dear Sirs,

I feel I must recount a surprising experience which happened to me last weekend.

I was driving (more like pootling), as Hector and me are a little bit vintage.

By chance I spotted a splitty panel van, and I had to do a double-take. I can only describe it as rather faded, with patchy paintwork, expensive looking wheels, and suspension which was (shall we say) lacking. Most impractical for avoiding potholes, or changing a flat tyre.

The wheels also seemed rather narrow, which seemed to make steering, wheel offset, and getting practical tyres a challenge.

I have heard about modified splitty buses, but I would get very confused when I needed spares. Modern day motor factors are not a patch on old fashioned ones

I spied a load of performance gauges, including a rather large tachometer. All very interesting. I gave Hectors speedo, and temperature gauge a quick polish, so there would be no shiny-accessory-bus-envy.

From a mechanical point of view, Hector is built for comfort, not for speed. Small repairs, and routine maintenance are accomplished using the excellent keeping your VW alive, and workshop manuals. I cannot begin to grasp what manuals the panel requires. The mind boggles.

I spied an external oil cooler, which made me think, the panel suffered from overheating. At this point, it was time to depart.

We trundled home, with Hector maintaining a normal stock bus speed.

I felt obligated to let the membership know about these upgrades, changes, and enhancements. All rather surprising.

Kind regards

Miles and Hector.
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