Insurance providers

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Insurance providers

Post by gypsy » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:03 am

I have a couple of rental property's that I am just going through the process of getting the quotes for insurance together.
They were very friendly when I was going through the questions, some of which were very personal and from what I could see were no relevance at at. Then they got to a question have you ever been investigated by the HMRC. I had, i was pulled up at random a couple of years ago and investigated. Now my tax is very complicated as I run a Norwegian company, work in Norway, did live in Norway but now live back in the UK and have always had a UK property, cut a long story short they (HMRC) owed me money, and I bet they were ...... off they ever investigated me.
Now for some reason because I have had a random investigation by the HMRC that has had a negative effect on my ability to get house insurance. WTF ?
What they should have said is have you been convicted of tax fraud if so you are dodgy ?
another one my misses had a leak in her house at Christmas, the leak was so bad the ceiling came down, we have shut off the water and are managing the leak, but the insurance would not pay for the leak to be repaired, as thats not what insurance is for only to repair the damage, they would not pay for the damaged area to be damp rot proofed as it was an inhancement, so she has had no ceiling in her house for the past 5 weeks and no showers, she has been washing her hair in the sink. She had to get 3 quotes from builders all on headed note paper, it takes ages, meanwhile she lives like its the 1800's.
Why are they so full of it ??

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