Always love...

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monkey knuts
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Always love...

Post by monkey knuts »

...seeing parts you sold relisted a few days later at three times the price.
I really LOVE parts of this ‘community’.
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Re: Always love...

Post by ScottyN »

I sold a door cooker to a guy who was ‘desperate to buy it’ as it completed his Canterbury Pitt interior. He said he’d been looking for years. In the end I only took £100 for it and dropped it round to his house as I felt I’d done some good to a fellow van owner. Saw him a month later at slough swapmeet where it was for sale for £395. Yup, seething doesn’t come close!

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Re: Always love...

Post by unclegee »

Yeah, i know the feeling: I sold a n/s cab door for £50 to a young lad who 'needed it to complete his resto' only to see it at Slough on a trade stand for £350 then a few weeks later on eBay for £400!

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