Madeleine Mccann

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Madeleine Mccann

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Can anyone tell me how the parents have not been done for neglect at the very least? :(

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Re: Madeleine Mccann

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Hmm, at the risk of stirring up a hornets nest I'll pass comment.....

We were discussing exactly this at work the other day and came to the same conclusion.
Compare it to a recent case....Last month a typical Jeremy Kyle couple were, quite rightly, given custodial sentences for neglect. The phrase "unfit moronic parents" doesn't even come close. They left their 6 month old baby in the bath in a baby bath seat (as they said they'd done loads of times) whilst they were downstairs ripping a CD and having a beer with their equally Jeremy Kyle-esque friends. The baby managed to tip himself over a drowned :( :( Who the f**k leaves a 6 month old baby alone for even a second, let alone when it's in the bath. These morons aren't fit to be parents.
Back to the Mccanns.......what type of person leaves their toddlers in a room whilst they go on the p**s in a bar/restaurant that's about 50 yards away 8O 8O . And in a completely alien environment to what they're used to. If they'd have left the kids alone in the UK they would likely be looking a a neglect charge at the very least. I no longer think for one second they had anything to do with it, but I certainly think they sha some of the blame by leaving them in the first place.
Little Empi doesn't leave our sight unless he is with someone we trust implicitly and I fail to see how anyone could do any differently.
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Re: Madeleine Mccann

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My wife an I discuss this every time more money is spent, yes, they were a pair of t...s to do what they did, so I'm amazed it's still having public money spent on it.
I'm sure they will both regret the choice they took and will have to live with it till there dying days.
It's a reminder that in the world we live today you can't leave nothing to chance and not for one second do you leave a baby or young child, I have a grand child and we are very aware of the danger posed by even the little things we took for granted when I was a kid, yeh seems hard to imagine but I WAS a kid long time ago.
I'm a firm believer that we find our selfs in situations like this because of our liberal attitudes, has the world changed so much we can't let kids run wild, it would seem so, I recall the times when us kids would be off down the woods to play and be there all day, with not a care, not today, everybody has a right.......and in this case......a right to leave your kids and go,for a drink.
I dare say she would turn the clock back if they could, but we all know you can't.
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