No Split screens

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Re: No Split screens

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ha ha - very similar rules to our game of "spot the vw" that we have been playing for years -
Bay = 1pt
Aircooled beetle = 2pts
Anything else aircooled i.e. split/type 3/trekker/buggy etc=3pts

The only anomaly we play is T3s with square headlights get half a point as we have one lol
Keeps us amused anyway.
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Re: No Split screens

Post by vwJim »

Northern Spain now, no splits through France, a few Bays Inc one UK plate. One beach buggy.
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Re: No Split screens

Post by Nik »

Saw a nice low, pressed bumper sealing wax red non, walk through panel in what appeared to be factory paint today driving straight through the middle of Newquay. Just counting the minutes before 'Hunters' (the place that provide that unique service to the "class of 201......" Hoodie lover) to have photographed it and slapped it on a quality mug, cushion, place mat, canvas, bag, t shirt blah blah blah.

The ratio of split to bay to T4 to T5 is currently running at around 1-1-10-30.

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