People who take ages at the petrol station!

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People who take ages at the petrol station!

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As my bus is LPG there are only a certain amount of petrol stations that sell it and each station only has one pump or two at the most for LPG.

The other day, we arrived at a petrol station to find a someone at the sole LPG pump topping up his big van - no problem there. So we sit behind and wait, and wait and wait then wait some more........

5 minutes later we are still sitting behind the van and there's no movement so I get out and have a look to see what's happening only to see the driver in the petrol station at the coffee machine, sat there drinking a coffee whilst leaving his van blocking the LPG pump.

Eventually he sees me and realises someone else is waiting for the only LPG pump and sheepishly comes out and moves away.

Rant over!
Thanks for listening :)
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