Asda !

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Asda !

Post by kevsplitty »

Going to Germany in july so need new passports for myself & my lad,hes always out or at his partime job weekends but last night we had to go to college open evening which meant we had to go past Asda so thought perfect to get our pictures done. Go in the foyer they have a photo booth,passport pics are a £5 each,only takes notes no change given! I look in wallet i have a ten pound note only. So i say to my lad i'll pop in shop get two fivers, wait in que for till ,sorry sir we can't change cash,i explain im not usually this side of town,need to use the photo booth etc but no.not company policy!!!! Now gonna have to make another special trip out ffs :x:
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Re: Asda !

Post by beetleben »

Quite surprised about that, wouldn't of thought they'd be like that. Do the post office do a service? I know they do for driving license, they take your pic and send the form all in one go

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